At  Sundara, our goal is to produce the finest bengals we possibly can.
Subsequently, we have invested a great deal of time and energy searching
for the perfect male to compliment our queens and further develop
our breeding programme.

See below our latest males.


Sherakan Kai

Introducing our beautiful new boy Kai and thank you to Kathy at Sherakan Bengals in Quebec, Canada. With this latest addition
to our breeding program, we are introducing a powerful and muscular boy who has a wonderful temperament, fantastic type
and great colour. It is so exciting to see what Kai will produce with our superb selection of girls. He has small, perfectly set ears,
piercing emerald green eyes and striking whiskers, protruding from his puffy pads. He holds great contrast, making his large
rosettes stand off his beautiful sleek body and is highlighted by tons of glitter. His dad is a charcoal and his mum a charcoal
seal lynx, which will bring more variety of colour to forthcoming litters. A really exciting time for us at Sundara Cats.

Watch this space…


Sire: Naples Noisy Boy

Dam: Sherakan Cheyenne

Sherakan Kai Sherakan Kai Sherakan Kai Sherakan Kai

Kanpur Callisto of Sundaracats – Retired

Callisto is, as his name suggests, ‘Most Beautiful’. We are over the moon and feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to have him. Every time we look at him we are in awe. He is just amazing! He has a lovely wild look about him.
A beautiful, egg shaped head with a fabulous profile, puffy whisker pads and deep bronze oval shaped eyes. Callisto has developed into a big chunky muscular boy, with an amazing coat of extreme contrast and clarity. His colour is fantastic, a rich, decadent, golden brown, dripping with glitter and is soft and silky to the touch. He has dramatic shoulder markings that flow
into huge rosettes down his long muscular body, black outlined with rust centres. And if this wasn’t enough, he is fantastically natured, he has the sweetest temperament you could ask for!

Thank you so much to our dearest friend and mentor, Diana, you will continue to inspire us!


Sire: Bengalivo Aramis of Kanpur

Dam: Kanpur Akeila

Kanpur Callisto of Sundaracats – Retired Kanpur Callisto of Sundaracats – Retired Kanpur Callisto of Sundaracats – Retired Kanpur Callisto of Sundaracats – Retired